Meet the Team

Skyler Phillips

As a Veteran firefighter Captain and Paramedic with the Chattanooga Fire Department, Skyler has always been right at home helping people. Currently serving as the EMS coordinator for the Chattanooga Fire Department, he also serves as the coordinator, instructor, and co-author of the Special Needs Awareness Program, where he has trained thousands of first responders how to interact and care for those individuals with special needs involved in an emergency situation. While Skyler enjoys all that he is involved with in the community, his favorite thing is spending time with his family. Skyler has been married to his wife Melissa for over 16 years, and they share two beautiful boys, Noah and Elliott.

Bliss Welch

Always in her signature color pink, Bliss' bubbly personality shines through her brilliant smile. Utilizing her Master's of Accountancy, her days are spent crunching numbers at a lakeside marina. As Ms. Wheelchair America first runner up, former Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee, and current State Coordinator for the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization, Bliss' passion is advocating for individuals with disabilities. Her adventurous side demands she try everything at least once, from adaptive snow skiing to live television. Blissā€™ most important moments in life are spent showing the world to her daughter Annabelle.

Roddey Coe

Roddey Coe is an impassioned advocate, computer nerd, and most importantly, Dad. Roddey is a Post 9-11 US Army veteran, having served with the 101st Airborne Division. Now, he is known as the husband of Sarah and dad to Melissa and Ethan. Driven by life, he takes pride in providing opportunities for as many people as possible. With his own son's autism diagnosis, Roddey immediately began to realize that opportunities were limited. With the belief that everyone can live an independent life, for the last 10 years, he has devoted his life to creating opportunities for children with disabilities. Since this time, Roddey has served as the Vice President for the Autism Society East Tennessee and is the Vice President of the Chattanooga Autism Center. He also currently serves as a Governor appointed member of the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Tennessee Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders. In partnership with Chattanooga Fire Department Capt Skyler Phillips, Roddey is currently working with state leaders to share the Take Me Home program, a program designed to help police officers better serve the needs of people with disabilities. Roddey has been working with Harvesting Inclusive Play since the committee's inception. As dad to Ethan, Roddey remembers the fears and heartbreak he experienced as the parent of a child with a disability. He hopes that this playground will help to reduce, if not eliminate, that for other parents, while allowing all children to fully enjoy a completely inclusive play experience.

Jackie Leach

Originally from New Orleans, LA, Jackie moved to Chattanooga, TN with her husband Andrew in 2008. Jackie graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Computer Science in 2001 and currently works full time in the software industry. After her older son was diagnosed with Autism, Jackie became an advocate for inclusion for her child and all children with disabilities in her community and has been using her technical skills to help local non-profit organizations increase their impact through web, mobile, and social media platforms. Her main goal is to help educate others about special needs and the importance of inclusion in our community.