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Why is a universally inclusive playground important?


Research continues to demonstrate the importance of play across the interconnected domains of childhood. The Sensory Summit Climbers offer a variety of unique inclusive and development benefits.

Physical Benefits

• Wide Base of Support: Promotes confidence and independence for children that may have low tone, strength, or coordination.
• Handholds and Footholds: Offers embedded supports for fine motor grasping and to foster gross motor development and movement.
• Playful Transfer Point: Assists individuals in transferring on and off the system.
• Forward Facing Reach and Approach: Offers adequate space underneath allowing individuals using a mobility device to comfortably approach and easily reach activities at ground level.


• Visual, Tactile, and Auditory Activities: Play Sensors can be configured to offer a rich and balanced sensory play experience both on the system and at ground level.


• Cause and Effect: Encourages users to learn, experiment, and gain understanding that their actions control and impact the activity through sensory-rich positive reinforcement.

Social Emotional benefits

• Face-to-Face and Side-by-Side Play: Encourages social interaction between individuals of all ages and abilities through motivating experiences.
• Emotional Security: Provides children that are at the beginning stages of climbing with supports to encourage exploration of height and to build and gain confidence.
• Anthropometric Considerations: Allows caregivers to comfortably reach and assist children at play on the system when necessary.


• Expressive Language: Allows children with communicative disabilities the ability to contribute to the joy and sounds on the playground through auditory components.
• Receptive Language: Provides opportunities for children to develop vocabulary and comprehension skills.

*Source: PlayandPark